We went on the tare one night and he stopped off to sing in a basement bar, the band was in full swing and Eric took the stage and belted out some classic rhythm 'n blues, brilliant! I bought one of his CD's "EB" thinking that I'd play it once! But No! it's been on my playlist ever since...... for me the best songs are the self penned ones.... there are covers of Dylan, Cohen, The Soggy Bottom Boys, Leadbelly, Hank Williams and Coldplay!


Eric writes of himself:

I'm an Irish born singer/songwriter and started playing music at the age of nine when I first started studying the piano and button accordion. Sometimes described as chalk and cheese I was introduced to two different types of music at a much earlier age, classical by my father, also a pianist, and the traditional music of Ireland by my mother, a singer.

Some years after that I came across a song by the name of Bohemian Rhapsody wherein lay the spark that would ignite my love for Rock 'n' Roll. This was about the same time I first picked up an old battered acoustic guitar that had been laying around the house since before I was born and with three strings on this wooden box I was set. I taught myself to play by listening to tapes of 'NIRVANA' and Cd's of 'Oasis' while of course picking up little tricks from other musicians along the way.

Over the next few years I formed different bands with various musicians, traditional Irish bands, rock bands with the longest lasting being a heavy metal band named 'PHOBIA' where I first found my taste for recording.

Over the course of these years I was also writing sporadically whenever I felt the need to get something off my chest. My earlier songs were of teen aged angst where the later ones are usually about things I see at home and abroad that affect me in some way. The result being some songs are on a personal level and others fall into the 'something to say' category. I've recorded one album so far entitled 'EB', a live recording with just me and my guitar. Some of my own songs are on this album along with some cover songs.

I'm currently working with a producer in a studio on a second album of all my own songs. It will include other instruments and I'm confidant it will be ready for release sometime in 2008.


There are three of Eric's songs, taken from his debut CD titled "EB" a joy, to listen to as attachments..... enjoy

Eric's fanclub on myspace